Asia Harvest Ministry Reaches Goal of Delivering 10 Million Bibles to Chinese Christians


Ten Million Bibles are now in the hands and house churches of Christians across China. 

It is no secret that China is not the most welcoming place for Christians. With the recent crackdown on Chinese house churches and the tearing down of crosses on Christian facilities, many are looking for signs of hope.

Now comes news that Asia Harvest, a church-planting ministry in the region, has reached its goal of delivering 10 million Bibles to the communist nation.

“With great thanksgiving to God, I commend Asia Harvest and all of their supporters as they celebrate 10 million BIbles provided to the Church in China,” said China Harvest Director Gary Russell in a statement.

The mission to deliver Bibles began back in 1988 when God told Paul and Joy Hattaway to smuggle Bibles into Mainland China.

“In the 12 years from 1988 to 2000, the teams we hosted carried a total of around 174,000 Bibles into China. Then in 2000 a door opened for us to work with house church networks to discreetly print Bibles directly inside the country,” Asia Harvest reports.

The ministry says the accomplishment is nothing short of supernatural.

“This hasn’t been a human accomplishment, but a miracle from the Living God,” says the minstry’s newsletter. “From a human perspective, our ministry had no chance of producing significant numbers of Bibles….The Lord Jesus Himself decided to be our fundraiser.”

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