South Africa’s Acclaimed Gospel Ensemble Joyous Celebration to Record at T. D. Jakes’ The Potter’s House In December

Music maestro and Joyous Celebration co-founder Lindelani Mkhize. Credit: SUPPLIED
Music maestro and Joyous Celebration co-founder Lindelani Mkhize. Credit: SUPPLIED

Popular African-American senior pastor, author and film-maker Bishop TD Jakes says South Africa’s acclaimed gospel ensemble Joyous Celebration will be recording their eagerly awaited Joyous 21 at his church – The Potter’s House – in Dallas, Texas, in December.

The timing of the announcement – made last weekend – took music maestro and Joyous Celebration co-founder Lindelani Mkhize by surprise.

An ecstatic Lindelani said: “When we talk gospel and Christianity, TD Jakes is the authority in that space. He was not supposed to announce that on Sunday, but he was so excited and he loves the project so much that out of the blue he just decided he is going to make the announcement.

“I was not ready, because we had planned that we would make the announcement only when I get back home, but he was just so into it that he wanted to do it. It tells you that we really are on to something.

“We take it as (meaning) 21 was the right time to go out and start spreading our wings, and there is no other best way than to use our relationships out there. What was great was that TD Jakes felt it was time.”

The KwaZulu-Natal trio who founded Joyous Celebration in Durban – Lindelani and pastors Mthunzi Namba and Jabu Hlongwane – had a mix of expertise and experience in the music industry.

“Our original idea was sort of conceived there… in Durban. I’m from uMlazi, Mthunzi is from KwaMashu and Pastor Hlongwane is from Richards Bay.

“We would meet at church rallies and conventions around townships (and) that’s how we got to know each other.”

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SOURCE: The Sunday Independent