Pastor John Gray Suggests His Wife Was Profiled by American Airlines Flight Attendants

@RealJohnGray – Twitter
@RealJohnGray – Twitter

Joel Osteen’s associate pastor, John Gray, best known for his new talk show, “The Preachers,” had a heated showdown with three flight attendants and authorities, and two of the flight attendants ended up being removed from the American Airlines flight, reports TMZ.

According to Gray, he and his wife, Aventer, were flying from L.A. to Texas. As the flight was pulling back from the gate Aventer decided to swap seats with her nanny as her two children became unruly in coach section of the plane.

“American Airlines had changed my babies’ seats. My husband had secured them in the same row as they are 3 and 4 years old. It was further in the back. I had a first-class seat. By the time my children knew they couldn’t see [me] anymore, they started acting out,” Aventer told TMZ. “So, thinking I’m being noble, I text my nanny and say ‘hey come take my seat and I’m going to sit with them,’ in an effort to not cause any disruptions during anyone’s travels,” she continued.

The flight crew assumed the preacher’s wife was searching for an empty seat. In an effort to stop her, Aventer claims one flight attendant laid hands on her. However, she insists the incident wasn’t provoked.

“There were three attendants. The one, as I was switching my seat was standing in the middle aisle — it was a gentleman. As I was going to the back he said ‘you need to go back to the front because there are no seats back here.’ He forces his hand on my shoulders and said, ‘you’re being disruptive.’ ”

“But he also stands over my daughter — as she checks on my daughter,” the associate pastor interjected in a short video clip.

“I was like there was no problem, but now we really have one,” Aventer added, admitting that she attempted to snap a picture of the flight attendant’s name tag.

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SOURCE: Rolling Out