For Los Angeles’ Rev. Frederick Howard, Ministry Extends Far Beyond the Pulpit


The Rev. Frederick Howard’s passion for ministry extends beyond the pulpit into every area of his life.

Whether serving as a spiritual leader, working as a real estate agent, publishing a newspaper or performing in stage plays, he is driven by his love of God and helping God’s people.

“My passion is ministry, my career is real estate, my job is life-training and the “Raise the Praise” newspaper and my hobby is acting. It’s my passion because it allows me to help people in every facet of life, whether it’s ministry, business, personal, or emotional. I’m actually built that way to help people,” said Howard, who is the pastor of Southside Bethel Baptist Church in Los Angeles.

His love for ministry was likely developed during his lifelong association with Southside Bethel. His grandfather, the Rev. Elliott Brown, Sr., was the first pastor and his uncle, the Rev. Allen O. Simmons, was the second. In addition to attending the church, he began directing the choir at age 14 and eventually became the minister of music.

Howard accepted the call to preach in 1986 and eleven years later, he was selected to lead Southside Bethel, making him the third pastor in the church’s history. Now marking his 31st year in ministry, he has embraced the many opportunities to aid others through preaching, teaching, counseling and mentoring.

Explaining how he uses these skills in his real estate career, Howard said, “I’ve been with Keller Williams Realty since 2005 and I enjoy it because, again, that helps me to help people. It’s a normal transition from ministry to real estate. In both professions, we’re bound by confidentiality and my job is to make sure that I serve you and that your needs are being met.”

While Howard handles regular real estate transactions, he specializes in distressed properties, foreclosures and short sales. In these situations, Howard often assists clients who are frightened, embarrassed and unsure about the next steps. His success rate in helping to save their properties has been good so far, but he encourages homeowners to contact realtors as soon as difficulties occur and not wait until they receive an eviction notice.

Acting gives Howard another outlet for ministry. A featured player in several Don B. Welch Productions, he has found fulfillment in bringing joy to others through theater.

“I love it because it actually takes me away from being me. I can be somebody else and it allows me the freedom to tell somebody else’s story,” he shared.

Howard, who expressed appreciation to his wife and his children for supporting all of his ministries, aims to continue his ministry of loving God through helping people.

“I think everything should center around ministry, even if you’re not a minister, because that is what we are put here to do.”

Source: LA Sentinel