Stephen A. Crockett Jr. of The Root Asks: If Bow Wow Isn’t Black, Then What Is He?


So, Lil’ Bow Wow … I mean Bow Wow … I’m sorry … Shad Moss says he’s not black.

Let it sink into your brain. Just let it sit there. #NotBlack.

I expected Bow Wow to say that he was not an actor or a rapper or a TV host. All of those claims would have been a self-effacing truth that I could get behind. Had Bow Wow just come out and said, “Look, I took Disney, white mothers who play black rappers’ music for their children, and BET for a ride,” I would have been like, “Finally, some refreshing honesty that I can enjoy.” Nick Cannon does it all the time, and I respect him for it.

Recently, Bow Wow pulled a Mariah Carey—or is it a Raven-Symoné (hell, I don’t even know these days)?—and apparently he is digging deep into his lineage to claim mixed heritage, thusly removing himself from the black camp.

He tweeted:

#ShadMoss revealing some things.

A photo posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on Jul 27, 2016 at 4:24pm PDT


He then shared on Instagram a photo of a light-skinned man with C-grade hair and wearing a wifebeater, stating that said man was his father.



Shad. Gregory.

Shad. Gregory. Moss.

I’m not sure how a black man and a black woman don’t make a black son, but I also failed Intro to Nutrition in college, so there is that.

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SOURCE: The Root, Stephen A. Crockett Jr.