Waters Edge Church in Virginia Beach Praying for ‘Racial Reconciiation’


Hampton Roads residents responded with protests and demonstrations after police shot black men in Louisiana and Minnesota and police officers were gunned down in Dallas and Baton Rouge, La.

At Waters Edge Church in Virginia Beach, a nondenominational Christian church, members are still figuring out how to deal with the fallout of the recent events.

“We had to come to the conclusion that in this country, racism still exists,” the Rev. Steve Roby said July 20 during a prayer event the church regularly holds. “This is a time to come together and think about issues as Christians.”

Prayer nights typically center on projects the church is working on. Last week’s was supposed to focus solely on a group of church members getting ready to take a mission trip to Honduras, but Roby said he felt like he needed to change the purpose.

“It’s on everyone’s minds,” he said. The church invited the community to the event through their marquee, which encouraged praying for racial reconciliation.

Roby also wanted to touch on recent violence after hearing from Curt Cooper, a black member of Waters Edge.

Cooper led a prayer for the families affected by racial injustice and recent violence. The church also prayed for Virginia Beach police officers, and other law enforcement across the country.

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Source: Pilot Online | Mechelle Hankerson