Ex-Fox Booker Says Roger Ailes Psychologically Tortured, Sexually Harassed her for 20 Years


A former long-time Fox News staffer has revealed her own experience of two decades worth of alleged sexual harassment at the hands of deposed network chief Roger Ailes. In an extensive interview with New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman, former booker Laurie Luhn described the “psychological torture” of being intimidated into performing sexual acts on Ailes, becoming his “whore,” and being ignored or rebuffed by Fox News executives upon complaining about her situation. “He’s a predator,” Luhn told Sherman upon recalling a long history that includes—in her words—helping procure young, attractive female staffers for one-on-one “meetings” with Ailes, and an eventual $3.15-million settlement with an extraordinarily tight non-disclosure agreement. Luhn is one of the women to come forth to the law firm hired by 21st Century Fox in its investigation of sexual-harassment allegations against Ailes.


SOURCE: The Daily Beast Cheat Sheet