WATCH: At DNC, Mother of Charleston Church Shooting Victim Says Country Should “Heed God’s Word” and Humble Itself In Prayer


Two survivors of last year’s Charleston, South Carolina, church shooting brought a message of faith and forgiveness to the Democratic National Convention.

Felicia Sanders, the mother of one of the nine victims killed during the shooting, says this nation should “heed God’s word” and humble itself in prayer.

Polly Sheppard, another mother of one of the victims, said healing will only come through forgiveness.

“To heal we must forgive – that’s what I’ve learned this past year. The shooter in Charleston had hate in his heart. The shooter in Orlando had hate in his heart. And the shooter in Dallas did too. So much hate, too much. But as scripture says, love never fails. So I choose love. And in this election, I choose Hillary Clinton,” she said.

The women’s messages of forgiveness are a reminder of the outpouring of love the Charleston church showed when the shooting took place a year ago.

“It was an emotional moment. This was an important thing,” state Democratic Party Chairman Jaime Harrison told The Post and Courier. “I’m proud of my party to showcase this.”