YMCA Facilities in Chicago Let Men Use Women’s Locker Rooms, Showers; Mother Reports Being Unnerved at Finding Transgender Male Using Women’s Locker Room


YMCA of Metro Chicago announced last week that its facilities will begin letting biological males who claim to be female use the women’s restrooms, showers, and locker rooms.

The new policy affects some twenty-one YMCA facilities throughout the Chicago area.

The Chicago Tribune writes,

A mom at a suburban YMCA recently reported to employees that she was unnerved to find a teenager who appeared to be male using the women’s locker room.

But YMCA staff later learned the teen was transgender and determined the youth had every right to access the women’s facilities.

“From (the mother’s) perspective, there was a man in the locker room,” said Rae Ulrich, senior vice president of marketing for the YMCA of Metro Chicago. “But there wasn’t. There was a transgender individual in the locker room.”

The YMCA of Metro Chicago has since released a letter outlining its transgender policy. The letter says the Y “supports every member having the opportunity to use the locker room and restroom they select based on their gender identity, or private facilities–as available–if that is their preference. Where not yet available, we are in the process of adding them.”

In other words, biological males who claim to be female will be able to enter and use restrooms, locker rooms, and showers alongside women and girls at the YMCA–and vice versa. If a woman is uncomfortable with that, she is responsible for finding a different room or facility to use at the Y.

This policy tracks with the Obama Administration’s “guidelines” for public schools effectively saying schools must let biological males who claim to be female use the girls’ restrooms and locker rooms at school.

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SOURCE: Family Council – Jerry Cox