Petition Filed Requesting For FOX to Cancel “The Preachers” Day-Time Talk Show After Pastor Jamal Bryant’s Joke About Open Marriage


Fox Television in union with Warner Brothers have come together to create a day-time talk show called, “The Preachers,” featuring John Gray, a gifted musician and Associate Pastor at Lakewood Church in Houston, under the leadership of Pastor Joel Osteen; Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr., Senior Pastor/Teacher at The House of Hope Atlanta and The House of Hope Macon, whose television broadcasts and media ministries are viewed by millions around the world; Orrick Quick, Pastor and Founder of God Seekers Church in High Point, NC, a passionate advocate of outreach ministry to serve his community; and Dr. Jamal Bryant, Pastor and Founder of Empowerment Temple AME Church in Baltimore (taken from their Facebook site).

This show was created to discuss hot topics that are trending in the United States and around the world with the purpose to add some “spirituality” to the mix. The show’s main goal is to attract the African American and Charismatic views by using these preachers to sway the crowd and to intellectually tickle the ears and minds of their listeners.

The Preachers do not represent the overall views of the Body of Christ. The show is very carnal in its discussion and responses which make the Church look foolish. It is my goal to have this show canceled based on the few clips and posts that have already been shown on their page:

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For example, in this clip we see Monique discussing her open marriage with Jamal Bryant and John Gray. Bryant states that he’s into that type of marriage, but his previous wife didn’t realize that. We can’t and won’t accept that type of heresy in God’s church. The scriptures are clear that marriage is to be between one man and woman. Scripture shows us that God created marriage to mirror the relationship Christ has with the Church, ie. we are to be faithful and monogamous.

If this show continues to air, it will damage and cause people to be led astray and receive false teaching and ungodly advice. In the book of Acts, Peter (along with the other Apostles and leaders) gave themselves over to praying, fasting and reading the scriptures…not hosting daytime talk and reality TV shows.

In signing this petition, you are declaring to the hosts of The Preachers that you will not allow God’s name and the work of Christ to be taken lightly! There is still a remnant that has not been bought by the system! Please sign this and let us make a stand in the Body of Christ and have this show removed.

This petition will be delivered to:

  • FOX Broadcasting Company
  • Warner Brothers