Father Offers Prayers to Georgia Officer After Son Is Pulled Over: ‘He Prayed for Me and My Brothers in Blue’


A Georgia deputy thought he was facing a dangerous situation during a recent traffic stop, but the incident instead resulted in a touching prayer.


Deputy Brandon Wiggins from the Heard County Sheriff’s Office told InsideEdition.com that it all started when he pulled over a car late one night for failing to stop at a stop sign.

As he retured to his patrol car to take down the driver’s information, another car pulled up to the scene — which made Deputy Wiggins wary.

“It’s just dangerous for any officer when another vehicle pulls over at the scene. You don’t know what their intentions are,” Wiggins told InsideEdition.com. “It’s especially rare for something good to come out of it.”

In the dashcam video Wiggins uploaded to his Facebook account, a man estimated to be in his 50s can be seen approaching the officer.

Wiggins wrote that his heart was racing and he kept his hand close to the gun, but the man quickly said he was the father of the driver who had been pulled over.

“He then proceeded telling me about his father being in the hospital and having a stroke,” Wiggins wrote in a Facebook post. He said the younger man, who was in his 20s, was on his way home from the hospital when he was pulled over.

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Source: Inside Edition | Johanna Li