Cory Booker Responds to Donald Trump’s Attack: ‘I Love You, Donald … I Pray for You’


Cory Booker is trying to counter Donald Trump’s insults with love.

The New Jersey senator — who spoke at the Democratic convention on Monday night — was asked Tuesday morning about an attack and warning of sorts from Trump following his Philadelphia remarks.

Just after Booker finished his speech Monday night, Trump fired off this:

On CNN’s New Day, Booker declined to comment, saying instead: “I’m gonna answer with love.”

“Let me tell you right now: I love Donald Trump. I don’t want to answer his hate with hate. I’m going to answer it with love. I’m not going to answer his darkness with darkness,” Booker said. “I love him. I know his kids, I know his family. They’re good, the children especially, good people.”

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SOURCE: USA Today, Eliza Collins