Alabama School Superintendent Has Change of Heart After Banning HS Marching Band From Playing ‘Amazing Grace’


An Alabama school superintendent who banned a high school marching band from playing “Amazing Grace” has had a change of heart.

Elmore County superintendent Andre Harrison last week barred the Holtville High School marching band from playing the popular Christian hymn during the upcoming football season.

Someone had complained about the constitutionality of the band playing a religious song, but Harrison had a change of heart after consulting a lawyer and after many parents voiced their displeasure with the song’s removal.

“I asked counsel to do further research on this issue and present me with options that would keep the district in legal compliance, but permit performance of one of the most iconic songs in the history of our nation,” Harrison wrote on Facebook on Sunday.

“Based on that additional research, I have decided today that the band will be allowed to perform ‘Amazing Grace’ this fall.”

Harrison had previously said that he had heard from “dozens of concerned parents” about the issue.

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SOURCE: NY Daily News – David Boroff