After Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech, Many Are Speculating Anew that she May Run for President


She says she won’t do it. Never mind that. After Michelle Obama’s dynamic address to the Democratic National Convention Monday night, journalists instantly pondered whether the first lady will run for president some day.

Let’s briefly review what Obama herself has said about her White House ambitions.

“I will not run for president,” she said at South by Southwest in March. “No, nope, not going to do it.”

Okay, but watching Hillary Clinton go from first lady to presumptive presidential nominee must make Obama think about doing the same thing, right?

“Hillary Clinton is an impressive woman, and I will not do what she has done,” Obama told a teenage questioner during a White House event in April. “I will not run for president.”

Hmm. Well, maybe President Obama will encourage his wife to reconsider.

“No, no,” he said at a town hall event in Louisiana in January. “No, no, no. No, no. Let me tell ya, there are three things that are certain in life: death, taxes and Michelle is not running for president. That, I can tell you.”

All right, the first couple has been consistent and forceful in trying to shut down the notion that Michelle Obama will seek the presidency. But political figures can change their minds on these things. Remember when there was absolutely no way Marco Rubio would run for another term in the Senate after losing the Republican presidential primary? Didn’t last.

It’s always no, until it’s yes.

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SOURCE: Callum Borchers 
The Washington Post