Connection Church in Bellmead, Texas, Hosts Conversation on Law Enforcement and Race


In the wake of recent events, Connection Church opened their doors and pulpit for a conversation on law enforcement and race.

In opening remarks, Pastor Hoxworth told the congregation they had only once before opted out of a traditional sermon, the Sunday after 9/11.

The deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile and subsequent attacks on police in Dallas and Baton Rouge, motivated the church to bring together a panel. The panel included Chief of Police, Linda Alvarado, Lieutenant Anthony Solomon, both of Bellmead Police and former Bellmead city Councilman Kevin Wilson.

Each panel members recalled their individual experiences with race and how it has affected and shaped their perspectives.Lieutenant Solomon recalled his time Tomball, where he was the first African-American on the police force.

“The first day I drove a police car someone called in and said hey some black guy stole the police car,” Solomon said.

While race continues to be a complex issue, panel members encouraged people to think about their individual actions. Chief Alvarado maintained that everybody despite the situation can remain respectful. Lieutenant Solomon reiterated the sentiment, explaining a mutual respect for others influences his interactions.

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SOURCE: KTRE, Kandace Thomas