Morgan Freeman and Nat Geo’s ‘Story of God’ Renewed for Season 2

(Lloyd Bishop/Getty Images)
(Lloyd Bishop/Getty Images)

Morgan Freeman is continuing his study of all things “meaning of life” with a second season of The Story of God.

National Geographic announced Thursday that the docuseries starring the entertainment world’s favorite smooth speaker will be returning for a second season with new questions to answer. Season 1 of the series provided audiences with six episodes, covering various topics, such as “Creation,” “Afterlife,” “Apocalypse,” and “Who Is God?” The new season will uncover more topics, including “Is There a Chosen One?”

The Academy Award winner, 79, will return to once again host and narrate the show. The six-episode season 1 saw Freeman traveling to seven different countries across the globe to answer the big questions of life. The overall goal was to uncover the role religion has played in shaping society and how it has evolved since the dawn of man.

The additional three-episode season of The Story of God will premiere on National Geographic in early 2017.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly – Evan Slead