Christopher LeDay Loses His Job After Videotaping Alton Sterling Being Killed by Police


If you’re looking for something to be outraged about, here it is. Christopher LeDay, the man who videotaped the killing of Alton Sterling by Baton Rouge Police officers, has been effectively fired from his job, according to his attorney.

WSB-TV reports that LeDay was arrested less than 24 hours after he posted the video on social media. Police came to his job at Dobbins Air Force Base in and put the cuffs on him for alleged assault and battery.

LeDay’s lawyer says that he was taken in on false charges.

“He never had a warrant for an assault,” lawyer Tiffany Simmons told the station. “My client has never had any criminal history.”

Simmons adds: “They never showed a warrant for an assault to my client, in fact my client was held in DeKalb County Jail for at least 26 hours and they never produced a warrant.”

The lawyer told WSB that when police could not produce a warrant, she was then told her client was being held for unresolved traffic tickets.

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