At Revival In Burlington, North Carolina, Organizers Say ‘We’re Here Until God Tells Us to Shut It Down’


The revival in Burlington, North Carolina is continuing through the summer. Hundreds have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior at the services held under a big tent near Interstates 40 and 85.

“All we know is we’re here until God tells us to shut it down,” Heath Williams, an evangelist who is also the tent director of the revival, told The Times-News, a Burlington newspaper. “Everybody’s welcome here. We just want Jesus to be able to do something for their heart and life.”

Williams shared stories of how God is transforming lives at the revival.

“The mother that flew her son up here from Florida because she knew he needed something in his life. He had a lot of problems, but he got saved, and God changed his life,” Williams told the newspaper.

He also talked about how the community is getting involved.

“The Econo Lodge in Burlington, their general manager came here one night and got saved, and he’s been offering us some free hotel rooms and helping out, so we’re grateful for them,” he said. “And a lot of local guys that maybe do landscaping on the side have been helping us spread some rock, and we had pest control guys spray the whole area.”

“It’s just everybody kind of chipping in from the community wanting to see God move,” Williams continued.

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Mark Martin