WATCH: Diamond and Silk Eviscerate Black Lives Matter, Hillary Clinton, and President Obama


The YouTube sensations known as Diamond and Silk excoriated the Black Lives Matter group in a video interview here at the Republican National Convention.

“It’s no longer a movement,” declared Diamond. “It’s really a mess.”

“If your black life really matters, you wouldn’t march in the streets and be blocking traffic. Someone can run you over. Duh!”

Silk chimed in, stating, “In order for your black life to really matter you have to know that yourself. You can’t be looking for somebody else to take and verify that your life really matters.”

The two self-professed Democrat women shot to stardom earlier this year when they expressed enthusiastic support for Donald Trump in a series of YouTube videos.

The dynamic duo were speaking in an interview with this reporter that aired yesterday on Breitbart’s live stream coverage from the RNC.

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