Pastor Darrell Scott Talks About the Attacks He Has Come Under for Supporting Donald Trump


Wednesday evening, America got its first introduction to Pastor Darrell Scott…and boy, oh boy, did he make his presence known. He even started trending on Twitter after his fiery and memorable speech.

He and his wife Belinda co-pastor New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland. He’s an African-American pastor AND a big supporter of Donald Trump. He has major access to the GOP presidential nominee and Trump looks to him for guidance, spiritual and otherwise.

The Brody File team visited his church this past Sunday and spoke to him about Trump and the attacks he’s come under for supporting him.

People have called him a sellout and Uncle Tom. Scott also says that Trump has told him he’s concerned with “Christian liberties.”

And Scott says now that Trump is closer to 70 than 30 years old, “He’s concerned with his after life.”

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David Brody