Dallas Cowboys Running Back Ezekiel Elliott Accused of Domestic Violence by Ex-Girlfriend

Ezekiel Elliott
Ezekiel Elliott

A woman claiming to be Cowboys rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott’s former live-in girlfriend filed a domestic violence report Friday in Columbus, Ohio, claiming that Elliott assaulted her.

Elliott, who turned 21 on Friday, has denied assaulting the complainant, according to one Columbus Police report. He was not arrested and no charges were filed because of conflicting witness statements, according to police.

Elliott also denied ever living with the woman.

The police report says the woman accused Elliott of striking her while she was sitting in the driver’s seat of her parked vehicle at 2:35 a.m. Friday morning.

She also told police she had pain in her right wrist and a red mark but declined medical treatment.

Police interviewed four witnesses who all said they didn’t see an assault. One of the witness was in the car when the alleged incident occurred.

Two of the witnesses declined comment to The Dallas Morning News when reached by phone.

According to a second police report obtained by The News, the alleged victim also accused Elliott of striking her several times, leaving bruises on her arms, between Saturday and Wednesday.

Elliott stated that had never touched her in a harmful manner and that the bruises were from a bar fight. Elliott denied living with the accuser, but said that he paid her rent and co-signed on her vehicle.

Due to conflicting details in the claims including the inability to prove co-habitation, she was referred to the prosecutor’s office, according both police reports.

Tiffany Thompson, from Columbus, Ohio, who was listed as the victim in the police reports, posted Instagram photos of bruises on her body. One of the posts tagged Elliott.

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SOURCE: Sports Day DFW