Montel Williams Twists Galatians 3 to Support LGBT Agenda In RNC Speech; Says, “God Doesn’t See Man, Woman, or Trans”


Montel Williams reportedly twisted Galatians 3 to support the gay agenda during his Republican National Convention Big Tent Brunch speech.

The former talk show host encouraged his audience to be “truth tellers,” according to Heat Street. He also encouraged the party to “come together and live up to the dream and the potential,” and, using the words of President Ronald Reagan, to stress to their fellow RNC colleagues that “in the party of Lincoln there is no room for intolerance and bigotry of any kind.”

He then reportedly recited Galatians 3:26-28 to support the gay agenda.

“We are all equal in the eyes of the Lord. He doesn’t see man or woman. That means he doesn’t see trans,” Williams said. “So how dare anybody who thinks or claims or stands up to say ‘I believe in Jesus Christ’ —you’re lying if you say trans people do not deserve the same rights as you.”

Watch the video to see his full speech.

SOURCE: Charisma News – Jessilyn Justice