First Lady Michelle Obama Screens New “Star Trek” Movie with Vets, Military Members

(Cheriss May/AP)
(Cheriss May/AP)

On Wednesday, Star Trek Beyond stars boldly went where no Star Trek Beyond stars have gone before – to the White House.

First Lady Michelle Obama welcomed actors Chris Pine, Simon Pegg and Karl Urban to 1600 Penn Ave. for a special screening of Star Trek Beyond, the anticipated new installment in the sci-fi film franchise.

The screening, hosted by the first lady as part of her “Joining Forces” initiative, was attended by a group of more than 100 veterans, military members and their families. After the trio of actors introduced the first lady, she took a moment to address the elephant in the room – that being the overwhelming attractiveness of Pine, Pegg and Urban.

“Isn’t it cool that they’re here? … They’re stars. There are movie stars here,” she raved, drawing laughs from the crowd in the South Court Auditorium. “See, I still do this when movie stars show up. I’m like, ‘You’re really here!’ “

“And they’re actually, like, normal-height people, handsome – let’s just admit it, ladies, they’re very handsome, aren’t they? I mean, we’ve got to just let that out. I could tell you wanted to just release that,” she added as the crowd applauded.

Audience members later participated in a meet and greet with the Star Trek cast members, who also made a cameo on the first lady’s Snapchat account to say hello to all the fans at home.

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SOURCE: People – Tierney McAfee