WATCH: Tamron Hall Questions Actor Scott Baio’s Faith for Negative Tweets About Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama


Journalist Tamron Hall absolutely lit into actor Scott Baio for tweeting memes suggesting that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was the c-word” and Michelle Obama was ugly.

During an interview on MSNBC Tuesday, July 19, the news anchor, 45, took the Happy Days alum, 55, to task for behaving in a way online that she believed defied his Christian faith.

“One of the things that caught my eye was this tweet that you sent out July 10th, a photo of Hillary Clinton standing in front of the word ‘count.’ The O is [blocked]. So it appears she is standing in front of the C word,” Hall explained, then asked, “Did you think about that in church?”

The star of “Charles In Charge” and one of this year’s speakers at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland replied, “I offered it without commentary. That was just put up. I just put it up there.”

Hall turned up the heat in the hot seat.  “I’m just asking, you’re writing your speech in church, you talk about religion coming back to this country and us having a moral barometer. Where was your moral compass when you put a photo of a woman that you disagree with politically and that’s fine,” she said.

“Tamron, you can look at that any way you want,” Baio answered. “It’s the word count, that’s what she’s standing in front of, I just put it up there. There is no commentary attached to it, I didn’t call her anything. And the fact that you question my faith…”

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine