Ted Cruz Gets Booed Off Stage After Refusing to Endorse Trump In RNC Convention Speech


Ted Cruz refused to endorse Donald Trump Wednesday while speaking at Trump’s own Republican convention, a powerful rebuke that earned boos from the audience. Trump then disrupted Cruz’s moment by appearing in the arena at the end of the speech, upstaging the Texas senator.

Cruz, his party’s runner-up, uttered Trump’s name just once — to congratulate him — and instead pitched the ideological brand of conservatism that endears him to the GOP’s base.

But as it was clear Cruz was wrapping up his speech without endorsing Trump, delegates began to boo and some chanted “We want Trump!”

“Don’t stay at home in November,” Cruz said towards the end of his otherwise very well received speech. “Stand and speak and vote your conscience.”

Cruz became the only prominent speaker to not back his party’s nominee, a decision that is sure to be criticized by Trump allies yet is likely to cement his position as an anti-Trump leader after November.

There was perhaps no greater sign of the divided party that Trump now leads than Cruz’s choice to all but ignore him.

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