Republican Vice President Nominee, Mike Pence, Takes Center Stage on 3rd Day of Convention


The Republican National Convention’s unrelenting attack on the candidacy of Hillary Clinton marches into a third day Wednesday with GOP vice presidential candidate Mike Pence and vanquished presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz leading the charge.

But first, Donald Trump’s campaign attempted to put to rest a flap over wife Melania Trump’s speech earlier in the week. The campaign issued a statement from a Trump organization staffer who apologized for writing passages into the address taken from a speech at the 2008 Democratic National Convention by Michelle Obama.

A resignation was offered, rejected, and the convention moves on. Plagiarism controversy aside, the first two days have revealed a party still dealing with divisions surrounding Trump but united in its venom for the presumptive Democratic candidate.

Tuesday headliner is Indiana Gov. Pence, who in addition to dishing on Clinton will have the opportunity to further smooth over differences between himself and Trump on such issues as trade, the war in Iraq and whether Muslims should be banned from entering the United States.

Pence’s solid conservative credentials, however, represent a boon for Trump as he works to consolidate support among his party’s right-wing doubters.

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