Merrick Garland Breaks Record for Longest SCOTUS Wait


Wednesday marked a bleak achievement for Merrick Garland.

He passed Louis Brandeis as the Supreme Court nominee with the longest wait for a Senate hearing.

And while Brandeis’ saga ended with his 1916 confirmation Garland’s prospects remain, at best, unclear.

Republicans who control the Senate — currently on summer break — still refuse to grant Garland a hearing, saying it should be up to President Obama’s successor to pick a replacement for Justice Antonin Scalia, who died in February.

Obama, who nominated Garland on March 16, says he is legally and historically empowered to nominate a new justice, and that the Senate is shirking its duties by ignoring it.

The impasse has left the high court with eight justices divided roughly along ideological lines. When they tie, the court leaves in place the lower court decision.

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SOURCE: NBC News, Jon Schuppe