Man Buys California Home for $430,000; Finds Dead Body While Inspecting It

Mary Karacas, 75, is accused of murdering her boyfriend. (AP)
Mary Karacas, 75, is accused of murdering her boyfriend. (AP)

He paid nearly half a million dollars for the home, but may be rethinking that investment.

A new homeowner who stopped by his California property this weekend expecting to find its previous owners packing up found a dead body instead.

The startled man found the lifeless owner in the bedroom during his visit to the Simi Valley home on Sunday, police said. He was checking to see how the previous owners were progressing in moving out of the home.

“When he knocked and there was no response, he found an open door and thought it was suspicious, so he went in,” Simi Valley police Cmdr. Roy Jones said.

The new owner found Salvatore Orefice’s body on a bed under a blanket in the bedroom, and called the police. The blanket over the body was a sign to authorities that it was unlikely to be self-inflicted.

Mary Karacas, 75, was taken into custody Tuesday on suspicion of the murder of the 83-year-old Orefice, her boyfriend. They lived in the house together.

The new owner paid $430,000 for the home, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Karacas told investigators that she shot her boyfriend following an argument. It remains unclear when Karacas shot her boyfriend and how long he had been lying in their house.

She told detectives that the gun she used was in her car, and it was subsequently recovered by police. She was not at the property when the new homeowner stopped by.

Karacas has no previous record other than traffic violations, police said.

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