LifeWay’s Infusion Adds Student Events In Urban Ministry


Infusion, a new summer event from LifeWay Students, has been announced for 2017 to immerse participants in ministry within urban contexts.

The six-day Infusion events next summer — joining World Changers, PowerPlant and LifeWay’s other student opportunities — will be educational and missions experiences, said Dave MacNeill of LifeWay Students.

“Infusion Missions involves students in hands-on experiences related to social justice and felt needs,” he said. “Infusion will excel in educating students on how the Gospel addresses the believer’s responsibility to be aware of and involved in social justice.”

Infusion joins World Changers, PowerPlant and other student opportunities offered each summer by LifeWay.

As awareness of social justice issues increases, many Millennials and members of Generation Z are trending away from traditional mission trips, MacNeill said, noting that Infusion will seek to connect evangelism with meeting the needs of individuals.

“This is not a social gospel,” he said. “This is an intentional strategy to share the Gospel of Christ in a social justice ministry and context.” For him, it’s a matter of fulfilling both the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.

Social justice ministries often work to establish long-term local relationships to confront issues like poverty, racism or lack of education and health care, MacNeill said. “We want students to approach these issues with a Gospel motivation,” he said.

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SOURCE: Baptist Press
Aaron Earls