Vanderbilt University Distances Itself from Carol Swain After Conservative Professor’s Comments About Black Lives Matter

Carol Swain
Carol Swain

Vanderbilt University wasted no time in distancing itself from one of its law professors after she appeared recently on CNN and disparaged the controversial Black Lives Matter movement.

On July 9, CNN’s Michael Smerconish asked African-American law professor Carol Swain if she believed the Dallas police shootings, which took place at the end of an otherwise peaceful BLM protest, marked the end of that movement.

“I would hope so,” she responded, “because I believe that it has been a very destructive force in America – and I urge all of your viewers to go to their website and look at what they’re really about.

“It’s a Marxist organization; [it’s] all about black liberation,” the professor continued. “It’s not really addressing the real problems affecting African-Americans. So it’s problematic, it’s misleading black people; it needs to go.”

Swain also told CNN she finds buzz words used by Marxist groups on the BLM website.

“[BLM] talks about state violence, genocide – all of those are buzz words that are quite destructive,” Swain noted. “And, again, I urge your viewers to go to the Black Lives Matter’s website and read their own definition of what this Black Lives Matter means.”

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Bob Kellogg