Twitter Users Throw Support Behind Actress Leslie Jones After Racism Charges Are Hurled at Her


Leslie Jones received an outpouring of support with the hashtag #LoveForLeslieJ on Monday after the Ghostbusters star was targeted by a series of racist and offensive tweets.

Jones, 48, wrote that she was left in tears after she found herself the target of Twitter trolls, many of them criticizing her appearance. “I feel like I’m in a personal hell.”

“I leave Twitter tonight with tears and a very sad heart.All this cause I did a movie. You can hate the movie but the s— I got today…wrong,” she posted to Twitter.

It didn’t take long for thousands of supporters to rally behind the actress on the social media site, sending #LoveForLeslieJ messages that saw the hashtag trending worldwide.

Ghostbusters director Paul Feig was one of the first stars to come to Jones’ defense, writing that “any personal attacks against her are attacks against us all.”

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Source: People | Jodi Guglielmi, @JodiGug3