Samsung Makes Limited Edition Galaxy S7 Edge for the Rio Olympics


The Galaxy S7 Edge is one of this year’s best phones, so why not give it to some of the world’s best athletes? Apparently the Batman phone wasn’t enough, as Samsung is churning out yet another special edition of its curved smartphone — this time to celebrate the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio.

This unlocked version of the S7 Edge will be gifted to everyone participating in the games, but it’s also coming to stores this month. Well, one store: Best Buy. The big box retailer has exclusive dibs on sales for this one, which will be made available in limited quantities on July 18th. Best Buy is pricing the Olympic Games edition at $849, whereas the regular S7 Edge costs $769 unlocked. Only 2,016 of them exist. (See what they did there?)

So what separates this from the Galaxy S7 Edge that’s been on shelves for months? Just like the Batphone, it’s really all aesthetics. The metal sides are black and glossy, which feels quite different in hand compared to the regular model. And then there are the buttons. Samsung has customized the accents for each hardware button to correspond with the Olympics rings. The home button and earpiece are yellow, the power button is red, the volume rocker is green, and there’s a blue bezel around the camera. It looks a little funky! But it makes more sense when you realize what the phone commemorates.

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SOURCE: The Verge, Chris Welch