In Facebook Live Prayer Event Before Start of RNC, Franklin Graham Says America ‘Needs a Spiritual Healing from Almighty God’


A nationwide return to God is America’s only hope for the future, evangelist Franklin Graham said in a Facebook Live prayer event before the start of the Republican National Convention.

“This nation — it needs a spiritual healing from Almighty God,” Graham said before praying. “Our country — I don’t have to tell you — is in trouble… And the only hope for this country is God. It’s not the politicians. It’s God.”

Graham is hosting prayer events before both parties’ conventions.

“God uses politicians, and we pray for the politicians that they’ll listen to God’s voice and that they’ll hear His voice,” he continued. “And how important it is today that the politicians listen to God.”

Graham said America has been running away from God.

“The secularists, the progressives, many of these people, most of them are people that would be atheistic, and we have taken God out of our country,” he said. “We have taken Him out of our nation; we have taken Him out of our government.”

“We have taken Him out of the education system, and our country is beginning to implode,” he continued. “We’re on the precipice of anarchy.”

“It seems as though our country is just unraveling,” he said, citing the violence in Baton Rouge, Dallas, and Orlando. “We are losing God’s blessing; we’re losing His hand of protection.”

In addition to discussing the United States as a whole, Graham also talked about American leadership.

“We need a president who believes in God and respects God and God’s laws and His commands and His decrees. How important that is,” he said.

Graham also spoke about the importance of prayer.

“We know that God hears the prayer of one righteous person,” he said. “Can you imagine if two or three people are gathered together in His Name? The Bible says that the Lord is right there in the midst of us.”

“But can you imagine if there’s hundreds of us right now, or maybe thousands, maybe even tens of thousands who are praying that God will hear our prayers and answer our prayers?” he asked, before leading participants in prayer.

At the writing of this article, Graham’s Facebook prayer event had nearly 1 million views and growing.

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Mark Martin