Kelly Price Accuses Christians who Condemned her Secular Music Performance on a Gospel Stage of ‘Church Bigotry’, Says They ‘Make Christ Look Bad’


For Saints who believe that light and dark don’t mix according to 2 Corinthians 6, an R&B performer’s actions at a Gospel event were viewed as unacceptable

Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Kelly Price is upset with the church after being slammed for singing “As We Lay,” which is an adultery anthem on a Gospel stage.

The platinum-selling artist began trending on social media Monday due to the blowback over her performance at the Indiana Black Expo.

Here’s what happened.

Because of a scheduling change, Price, who was booked to sing her R&B hits Sunday, July 17, ended up in a different time slot, which put her in front of a Gospel-loving audience.

You can easily see why her rendition of Shirley Murdock’s 1985 hit “As We Lay,” which is all about the morning after a steamy one-night affair didn’t go over too well.

The backlash online was brutal.

Now Price is defending herself by calling out Christians who lambasted her, accusing them of “church bigotry.”

“I think this type of ignorance and this type of church bigotry is ridiculous. And I think it’s the reason why people won’t come to church,” Price said in an Instagram video.


Realizing that some critics didn’t understand that she was invited specifically to sing hits from her secular music catalog, the 43-year-old took time out to explain.

“I was never supposed to be on a gospel stage. They were running late and they put me up late and they’d already switched over to the gospel format and I was unaware,” Price told a fan on Instagram. “I was never told that the stage I was going to perform on was a gospel stage. I was told it was the main stage. So I sang the music that I am known for singing. But let’s just say this… Even if I had sang my music like I was asked to on the gospel stage why does that excuse someone who calls themselves a representative of Christianity for treating me in a less than Christian way?”

While many are still going in on Ms. Price, the gifted singer who got her start in the church and is vocal about her own Christian faith, has some support from within the Gospel community.

Gospel artist Tasha Page-Lockhart hopped online to admonish everyone to “get the facts first.”

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine – Rebecca Johnson