Donald Trump Makes Epic Intro at GOP Convention to Introduce Melania Trump


As if a speech by Scott Baio hadn’t made the night epic enough, Donald Trump debuted at the Republican National Convention Monday in a cloud of fog backlit by blinding lights.

Blaring from the loudspeakers: “We Are The Champions” by Queen.

It looked like this:


It felt like this:


Trump’s a showman, and that he would borrow from the bombast of pro wrestling should be no surprise. He would be the first president to have wrestled in the WWE and is friends with its founder, Vince McMahon (the guy in the .gif above).

But still: Nominees don’t typically appear on stage on the first day of national conventions. And Trump’s grandiose entrance wasn’t even to his own speech — it was merely to introduce his wife.

“Oh, we’re gonna win. We’re gonna win so big,” Trump said.

Here are the immediate thoughts of journalists who — until now — thought they had seen everything:

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Source: USA Today | Josh Hafner