NFL Star Benjamin Watson Says Young Black Men Know Their ‘Leash Is a Little Bit Shorter,’ But It’s No Excuse to Disobey Police


Baltimore Ravens tight end and author Benjamin Watson joined The Kelly File to talk about race, saying that young black men come to learn that “life is a little bit different” for them.

“We grow up understanding that you comply with the police, that your leash is a little bit shorter,” he said.

He said that he’s gotten pulled over and worried that something could happen to him, even though he’s a law-abiding citizen.

“We’re still in a place where we still struggle,” he said.

But he called for understanding on both sides, saying that everyone needs to listen to law enforcement, who “we need.”

Watson said that his message for everyone, not just black men, is to obey.

“When a police officer asks you to do something, do it,” he said.

He continued: “Our job as citizens is to obey what the police officers say. The police officers’ job is to respect their citizens that they pull over and they are in control of.”

Watson said the country needs a “change of heart” on race.

“And I’ve said before that the heart change comes from repenting of your racism, repenting of your bias, repenting of your prejudice and understanding that God sees us all the same.”

Watch the full interview below.

SOURCE: FOX News Insider