First Baptist Church Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress Says City Is Hurting, But Healing

Robert Jeffress

A weekend has passed since five Dallas police officers were gunned down by a racist gunman. 

“Dallas is hurting right now,” reports Dr. Robert Jeffress, who pastors First Baptist Church in Dallas.

Jeffress was out of the country when police officers were ambushed July 7 while providing safety for a Black Lives Matter march.

The shooting claimed the largest number of law enforcement officials since the 9-11 attack, Jeffress points out.

The police officers have been identified as Brent Thompson, 43; Patrick Zamarripa, 32; Michael Krol, 40; Michael Smith, 55; and Lorne Ahrens, 48.

First Baptist gathered in prayer in support of the police and the victims, in a prayer for peace on his city.

“I really believe this is a time for us to put partisan politics aside, come together as a nation and to pray for God’s healing for our country,” the pastor tells OneNewsNow.

Jeffress has a different view of some pastors, however, who seem to be professional activists.

“I’m really tired of these bogus ministers who are doing nothing by sowing seeds of disrespect and distrust for police officers,” Jeffress says. “We need to celebrate our police officers rather than condemning them.”

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Steve Jordahl