After Nearly Four Years, Many Americans Believe President Obama Has Changed America for the Worse


President Barack Obama has had nearly eight years to influence the country. Now, after taking swings at the economy, health care, and social issues, many Americans believe he’s struck out.

He started his administration amid the Great Recession. America was hemorrhaging jobs, losing some 800,000 each month. In response, a Democratic Congress passed the president’s solution: an $830 billion stimulus plan.

“I think we’ve come through probably the toughest year we’ve had since the ’30s,” the president said at the time.

But seven years later, the economy still hasn’t fully gotten back on track. Liberal economists say his stimulus package wasn’t big enough, while conservatives say sinking more money into government was never the solution.

Worst Recovery Since Great Depression

In reality, the growth that followed the president’s stimulus has been very weak compared to other recoveries.

“If you compare his recovery to previous recoveries, it’s a huge failure. And in fact on the metrics it’s the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression,” Peter Ferrara, senior fellow with The Heartland Institute, said.

In the 1980s, after 10 quarters of recovery under President Ronald Reagan, the economy was exploding at an annual rate of 6 percent. But during the same amount of time under Obama, the economy grew just 2.4 percent. That’s just half the average growth rate of 4.6 percent after other recessions.

Even though the unemployment rate has dropped, with millions leaving the work force, the economy has grown relatively slowly throughout the Obama presidency and it’s an issue that still dogs him in the sunset of his second term.

While many cities have recovered, studies show rural regions still haven’t regained jobs lost during the recession, and some even continue to deteriorate.

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Jennifer Wishon