Ashley Madison Relaunches, Now Promoting Polyamorous Relationships


This cheating thing’s had a bad rap lately.

It’s not about being unfaithful as such. It’s more about, well, spreading your faith.

Sadly, those who were on Ashley’s Madison’s dating site for cheaters lost their faith somewhat when the site was hacked and their personal details were strewn over the Web.

Now, the site is under new management, and it’s just released some ads that display a new attitude.

You might find them rather alluring.

In one, a couple is enduring a pleasant, but dull life. Then they go to a party and encounter a rather fetching woman who’s delivering drinks. But which of the couple finds her attractive? The man or the woman? The answer seems to be yes.

A second ad offers a simple encounter on the subway.

Eyes meet. Smiles are exchanged. But are these people married? There’s no sign of a ring on either of them.

But they could be, as Facebook parlance has it, in a relationship. What’s going to happen? Wait, she’s getting off the train. You can’t just let her go like that. Do something.

There’s most obvious symbolism in the third ad.

Here we see another bored couple. You can tell the woman’s not happy by the way she chops a cucumber. You know exactly what this means because you’ve seen at least one French movie.

But then she goes to a conference. As she’s checking in, there’s another conference-goer doing the same. And what a goer.

He’s tall, gray-haired and ever so Hugo Boss-y.

You just know that, for these two, the welcome reception will be very welcoming. You just know that when they get home their significant others will ask whether anything significant happened.

They’ll reply: “Oh, it was so boring.” People, you just can’t trust them.

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