Public Enemy’s Richard Griffin Who Was Named in Dallas Shooter’s Statements says, ‘I Do Not Advocate Killing Cops’

© Provided by Business Insider Inc Professor Griff Public Enemy
© Provided by Business Insider Inc Professor Griff Public Enemy

The Dallas Police Department, in its ongoing investigation into the police ambush that left five officers dead on Thursday, has been sharing information on its findings via its blog, The DPD Beat. 

In an update posted Friday afternoon, the blog announced information that it says investigators found about the lone shooter, Micah Xavier Johnson, a US Army reservist who died during a standoff with police.

Pointing to a Facebook account that apparently belonged to Johnson, DPD Beat noted that the Facebook page included information about “Richard GRIFFIN aka Professor Griff.” Griffin is a rapper best-known for his work with the Grammy-nominated music group, Public Enemy.

“GRIFFIN embraces a radical form of Afrocentrism,” The DPD post read, “and GRIFFIN wrote a book A Warriors Tapestry.”

DPD’s characterization of Griffin appears to have been directly lifted from his Wikipedia page, though the entry does not make clear what is meant by the phrase “a radical form of Afrocentrism.” Griffin’s Wikipedia page was last edited on July 4.

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Source: Tech Insider | Bryan Logan