Mom Shot During Dallas Police Ambush Shares Powerful Account of How Officers Protected Her and Her Sons Even After Being Shot Themselves


Shetamia Taylor, one of the civilians shot during Thursday’s deadly police ambush in downtown Dallas, shared her account of the tragedy during a press conference Sunday.

Taylor broke down in tears while sitting alongside her doctors and family at Baylor University Medical Center, where she was treated for a gunshot wound to her leg. She is expected to make a full recovery.

Taylor began by thanking the Dallas Police Department for protecting herself and her son, “They were really heroes for us.”

Four of Taylor’s sons were with her during the press conference. She said that as a family, they had decided to attend the Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Dallas because she wanted to show them “that we can be unified and that it can be a peaceful march.”

“Being a mother of five young black men, I sat down with my kids when I came home from work on Thursday and we talked about everything and I talked to them about how they needed to comply if, for whatever reason, they were ever stopped by the police … Comply, be respectful of self, of them,” said Taylor.

When Taylor and her family were ready to go home after the protest, they heard the first shot. The second shot hit a police officer, who yelled at them, “He has a gun, run!”

Taylor and her boys were running when she says that she felt the bullet hit her in the back of the leg. She grabbed her son Andrew and got on top of him behind a car. Officers realized that Taylor had been hit and surrounded her and her son.

Through tears, Taylor said, “And then, I saw another officer get shot … Right there in front of me. That was two.”

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SOURCE: USA Today, Sarah Harris