Bill Cosby’s New Lawyer Blames Media for ‘Imbalanced Coverage’


After Bill Cosby parted ways with his law firm, Angela Agrusa of Liner LLP will be taking the lead on his civil ligation, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

“Trying Mr. Cosby in a court of public opinion as imbalanced media coverage promotes, runs directly counter to our judicial systems most fundamental guarantees of fairness under the law,” Agrusa said Monday in a statement to THR. “Those, like Mr. Cosby, who face this sort of scrutiny without having had their day in court need and deserve representation to ensure that justice does not yield to news cycles and soundbites. Mr. Cosby seeks a just resolution to the accusations leveled against him, and as lawyers experienced in complex, high-profile matters, we will work to safeguard his rights to the fullest extent in that pursuit.”

Speculation that Cosby was making a switch began after Quinn Emanuel pulled out of the Massachusetts libel case filed against the embattled comedian by Tamara Green and six other women.

Quinn Emanuel partner Christopher Tayback took Cosby’s cases after he parted ways with longtime attorney Marty Singer last fall.

In addition to facing criminal charges, Cosby is fighting defamation and sexual abuse allegations in multiple jurisdictions from multiple women, as well as a battle with his insurance company. He has hired dozens of attorneys to advise him on the cases and it’s difficult to pinpoint who is doing what.

One of the cases ended in a bizarre twist last week, after Cosby was denied a motion to dismiss and the plaintiff responded to her courtroom win by walking away from the lawsuit.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter | Ashley Cullins