Queen Latifah Speaks Out About Police Brutality, Dallas Shooting

Photo credit: Instagram – @queenlatifah
Photo credit: Instagram – @queenlatifah

All week long, celebrities have been voicing their opinions about the horrible and violent murders of two Black men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, who were shot dead by police while their deaths were filmed on camera. With these two tragedies charging America’s growing national conversation on police brutality and white supremacy, many hip-hop stars have had a lot to say about the issue. Now, hip-hop and Hollywood legend Queen Latifah has recently added her thoughts to the conversation and she is taking police and our justice system to task for their role in the continued violence sweeping the nation.

According to media reports, Latifah recently spoke about the shooting deaths of Sterling and Castile in a recent interview and she explained that, like all Black people, she’s felt the heaviness of their deaths all week.

“I’m almost at a loss for words,” Latifah said, explaining that she’s been carrying the weight of their deaths while working on the new Ice Age film. “This goes wherever I go. I’m Queen Latifah, but I’m Black wherever I go. I deal with the same experiences that other people deal with.”

Latifah, who comes from a family of police officers, then offered up her sorrow over the senseless killing of four police officers by sniper Micah Xavier Johnson in Dallas this week.

“I deal with the same experiences that other people deal with. I’m also the daughter of a cop, I’m also the sister of a cop, the cousin of a cop and the niece of cops. I don’t want the guns turned on police any more than I want the guns turned on us,” she said.

“I don’t want my father or my brother getting shot because some bad cops are doing this, consistently,” she added.

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SOURCE: Rolling Out