God’s Strategy to Overcome Anger

(Courtesy of Joyce Meyer Ministries)
(Courtesy of Joyce Meyer Ministries)

Anger is a common problem and we all have opportunities to get angry. Sometimes people get hurt and instead of dealing with their anger, they hang on to it and become bitter, hard-hearted, and miserable.

Living in anger is like banging your head against the wall, so to speak, because it keeps you stuck, doing something that is never going to work because it isn’t God’s plan or the way He does things. But the truth is, giving it to God and trusting Him to be your Vindicator so you can be free of anger is actually easier than continuing to live with it.

Uncontrolled anger hinders our prayers, makes us miserable, causes mental illness and can even make us physically sick. These are just a few problems anger causes.

The good news is God wants to be our Vindicator (Job 19:25) and we can make the choice to release the offense to Him and trust Him to make wrong things right. I know it’s not easy, and God may not move as quickly as you’d like Him to or do things the way you’d like Him to do them. But He will vindicate you if you will trust Him and do things His way because He doesn’t like it when people mistreat His children!

Facing My Anger Problem

I know what it’s like to live angry. My dad was an angry person and he was very abusive. When I left home at the age of 18, I thought I would be free of the pain and anger I had experienced most of my life because I was leaving it behind me.

It took a long time for me to realize that although I left that situation, I actually took the problem with me. It was etched in my soul — in my thinking, my emotions, the way I talked and how I dealt with relationships. So I spent years after that experiencing all kinds of problems, manifesting destructive dysfunctional behaviors that I blamed on everything and everybody else.

Instead of taking responsibility for my anger and the hurt in my soul, I would say things like, “I wouldn’t be angry if Dave would pay more attention to me,” or “I wouldn’t be angry if my boss paid me more to do this job.” Whatever my problem was, it was somebody else’s fault.

Thank God, I eventually learned that I needed to let Jesus deal with what was going on inside of me so I could experience the freedom He wanted me to have (John 10:10).

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
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