Sens. Joni Ernst, Bob Corker say They Won’t Accept Offer to be Trump’s Running Mate

Corker is the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

“I feel like there are people better suited for that role, and I’m better suited for other kinds of roles”, Corker said in an interview.

“He is going to have to change and the fact is, I’m not necessarily telling him to change his views, but I think he is now moving into a different phase”, said Corker during an interview. “We had a very open conversation about that, and actually, we have been very candid about it from the very beginning of our meetings”.

Gov. Pence, please do IN a solid (for a change) and take the job as the VP for the Republican Party.

US Senator Bob Corker has withdrawn himself from consideration as a vice presidential candidate for Republican Donald Trump in a move that could complicate Trump’s efforts to rally establishment Republicans behind his presidential bid. But Mrs. Ernst said she was happy with her current job in the Senate and all but withdrew her name from consideration.

But Trump’s campaign has been quiet about who he’ll pick – and when he’ll make an announcement. He told Fox News: “I’m looking at 10 people”. He says it reveals more aboutTrump than the “caricature” that he says emerges through coverage of the presidential campaign.

But the senator said he doesn’t thing the role of vice president suits his skill set.

Donald Trump’s pool of potential running mates is down by two. “Some political analysts say Corker’s reputation in the Senate is valuable for Trump” s campaign, especially with donors. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) during a July 5 campaign event in Raleigh, North Carolina. “I would love to assist him out on the trail”.

“We’re not really focused on that yet”, said Jon Thompson, spokesman for the Republican Governors Association.

“I think a Cabinet position, especially secretary of state, is always what has been on his radar”, said Kent Syler, a political scientist at Middle Tennessee State University.

Later that month, Corker had a private, hour-long meeting with Trump at Trump Tower in New York City. “I was just down two weekends ago helping him out in his reelection for governor of Indiana. And Iowa is where my heart is”, Ernst, who met with Trump Monday, told the website Wednesday.

Corker said he agreed to undergo a preliminary vetting for the vice presidency with the understanding he would eventually sit down and talk further with Trump about the job.

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