WATCH: EEW Magazine President Dianna Hobbs Gives Her Thoughts on the Current Racial Tensions In America

EEW Magazine President Dianna Hobbs
EEW Magazine President Dianna Hobbs

I am heartbroken, as millions of others are, over the recent killings of two African American men, Alton Sterling of Louisiana, Philando Castile of Minnesota, as well as the five law enforcement officers in Dallas.

The examples mentioned here are only the most recent.

It took me a few days to process my emotions and find the right words. My thoughts, really, can be summarized in five words: Love is what we need.

The racial tensions in America have boiled over and many of us are asking, where do we go from here?While I don’t have the answer and don’t pretend to know how to heal the brokenness fueled by a mixture of fear, misunderstanding and racism, I do know that love is what we need.

As I was talking to my husband Kenya about all that’s been going on, the two of us reflected on the need for prayer, action, respect and compassion for others. We share our thoughts in our latest YouTube video that I hope and pray you’ll take time to watch.

Our comments on the recent tragedies begin at the 8:11 mark.

Click here to read more.

SOURCE: EEW Magazine
Dianna Hobbs

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