American Pastors Network Offers Toolkit to Help Churches Counteract the Transgender Movement In Public Schools


The American Pastors Network is offering a toolkit to help churches counteract the transgender movement in public schools.

Increasing numbers of boards of education are yielding to pressure from the federal government to implement guidelines allowing transgender students to use opposite-sex bathrooms and locker rooms.

Pastor Gary Dull, executive director of APN‘s Pennsylvania chapter, says his organization is offering an online toolkit to help oppose this mania.

“There’s information up there that they can use to take to school boards in their local areas,” he begins. “There will be opportunities … for them to invite one of our individuals to come and speak to them and to help guide them through the process in their local community. There would be various reading materials … that will be of benefit to them as well.”

Dull says the Church cannot stand by without opposing transgender advocates.

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Bob Kellogg