El Chapo Did Not Escape Prison a Third Time


Another escape for El Chapo, Mexico’s most famous drug lord, would have made it a hat trick. He has already given two maximum security prisons the slip.

And on Friday his name trended worldwide, with hundreds of thousands of people sharing gifs, memes and jokes about his tricksy ways and supposed third escape.

But no reputable media organisation was reporting that he had got out.

The story wasn’t on the front pages of any of Mexico’s main newspapers and none of the news agencies were reporting it.

El Chapo is still behind bars in Mexico, his extradition to the US halted for now.

So why has his name been trending?

Spoof stories is why.

Several different websites published stories saying El Chapo had escaped again. One of the websites has since apologised, but others have not.

And people just kept sharing and sharing and sharing.

Sometimes people don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.

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SOURCE: BBC News, Nalina Eggert