Las Vegas Church That Claims Jesus Was a Black Man and Only Allows Certain Races to Worship Labeled a ‘Hate Group’


A new church in Las Vegas is being called a hate group. The I-Team visited the church to find out why and discovered the church members disagree.

The church’s philosophy dictates if a person not part of certain races, he or she will eventually be a slave for the church’s members. Church leaders say they are not a hate group, because they claim they don’t hurt anyone.

Preaching on the streets and spreading its message worldwide, the Israel United in Christ (IUIC) Church is now setting up a location in Las Vegas.

“We’re not fooled by the American philosophy that we love everybody, no. We understand who our enemies are through the Bible. That’s the wisdom that we have through the Bible,” said Israel United in Christ Officer Ben Gabar Israel. “The enemies are the other nations. That’s who the enemy is.”

That means anyone who is not part of the 12 tribes referred to in the Old Testament, according to Gabar Israel, is an enemy.

“Christ was a so-called Black man that looks like us,” he said.

He says only certain races are welcome to worship at the church.

“So-called Black people, Caribbeans, our people are scattered throughout the world – so-called Hispanic and Native American Indians. Those are the 12 tribes of Israel,” he said.

He says the other races are destined to be slaves in the church’s “kingdom”.

IUIC officially opened a location on Sahara Avenue, blocks from the Strip, in May.

“This country is not here to help us. It’s not here to lift us up. It’s here to destroy us,” Gabar Israel said.

That is what is being preached in southern Nevada neighborhoods. Officer Gabar, who lives in Las Vegas, says he’s been a member of the church for three years after leaving a Christian church. More than 30 people have joined him.

“I was in church 40 years not knowing who I was. I still thought I was Black. Black is a color in a crayon box, but we are the Israelites according to the Bible,” he said.

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SOURCE: Las Vegas Now
Vanessa Murphy