Florida Police says Teen Mother Swung Infant ‘Like a Bat’ in Fight With Boyfriend

Tatyana Allen
Tatyana Allen

Swinging her five-month-old son like a baseball bat, a Florida woman yesterday struck her boyfriend with the infant before dropping the child face first into the sand on Daytona Beach, police charge.

Cops allege that Tatyana Allen, 18, initially hit her 19-year-old beau “several times in the face with a closed hand” before using her baby “as a weapon.” Allen, witnesses said, swung the infant “like a bat” before “the baby was dropped in the sand, face down.”

Allen’s boyfriend, the child’s father, quickly flipped the infant upright since he was unable to turn over on his own. Witnesses told cops that Allen subsequently “snatched” her son from the man’s arms and walked away with the child “dangling,” without his head being supported.

As Allen walked up a set of boardwalk stairs, the baby’s head hit a railing due to her “carelessness,” according to the report, which notes that investigators got verbal statements from about 20 witnesses.

When questioned by cops, Allen accused the baby’s father of pushing her several times earlier in the day. While she copped to having “mushed” the man in the face, she denied throwing her child in the sand.

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SOURCE: The Smoking Gun